I'm on the fence about coaching, what should i do?

If you are unsure about coaching or coaching packages, give me a call and ask. We can discuss what each package includes in more detail, what would be best depending on your racing and fitness goals and how custom coaching can fit your busy schedule.  Still unsure, call about a trial month of coaching free of charge.

Do you offer any special coaching rates?

Yes! If you are a collegiate or junior athlete you can receive 30% off both the Hor d'oeruve and Entree coaching plans

How does payment work?

The last week of each month,  you will receive an invoice via Paypal to your email address. You can pay via all major credit cards or through a Paypal account.

Do I need a power meter?

Although a power meter is a great training tool, it isn't required. I can prescribe workouts via heart rate monitor (i would recommend at least a heart rate monitor and a way to upload training to trainingpeaks for custom coaching plans).

Why should i choose you as a coach?

Not only do I possess over eight years of racing and training experience, I've studied human physiology in depth and know how the body handles and responds to training in detail. I take a very scientific yet humanistic approach that will not only help you achieve your racing goals, but your health goals as well. I always keep it new and fun, fully acknowledging the mental aspect as well.

when is the best time to sign up for coaching?

Feelfree to contact me at any time of the year. I'll be quick to respond and we can start planning and training within the same week!